'STYLEDBYMAE' was born in April 2014 when I set up an outlet on the social media platform of Instagram to showcase my ideas, sets and outfit ideas. I have been fascinated with fashion and style from a young age and growing up I always wanted to be the worlds biggest fashion designer.

I was obsessed with designers such as Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane, and I would religiously follow the way their designs captured style and art in a simple item of clothing. As my fascination grew I started to follow the movements of stylists such as Monica Rose (responsible for the Kardashian/Jenner's daily looks) and Tara Swennen (the lady who dresses Emily Ratajkowski - enough said) - when I saw how they would put a flawless and unique look together, and the impact it had on the entire world, I knew these were the footsteps I wanted to follow.

After creating my instagram page I had friends and strangers contacting me asking for ideas, inspiration, advice and help sourcing clothes. They admired how hard I worked to keep on top of the best trends and supply my follower base with 'looks for less' and outfit ideas. Through my website I want to be able to do this and more to help feed my passion and inspire you guys as well! Enjoy and click below if you want to ask me anything!